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"Just another Package" 



STAT Express Delivery


STAT Express Delivery has been in the industry since 1992.  Our trained staff is dedicated to offering you the best delivery service experience. We believe everyone working with us, must understand the needs of each of our customers. Its the details that make a difference.

Whether you require a reference number for each order, or all your pick-ups are made at dock #3 and all deliveries are made through the front door.  

Communication is the key between you (our customer) and the staff members at STAT Express Delivery. The more we understand about our customers, the better we can serve their needs.


The items we deliver for you are never “Just another package”.   

When your factory is shut down

 because of an electrical part your expecting to arrive at any moment, and your electrician is standing around (at $60.00 per hour) as well as the 122 hourly employees (on the clock at $10.00 per hour = $1,220.00).  

                    It’s never “Just another Package” to you then!                                                            

Imagine your pediatrician is waiting to see the lab report we are delivering before prescribing your two-year-old child with a 104-degree fever the correct medication. 

It’s never “Just another Package” then either. 

STAT Express Delivery 

Never looks at anything we deliver as

“Just another Package”