STAT Express Delivery LLC. 


Established in 1991 by Keith Rittenhouse

Keith started STAT by being a one man show.  He did all the sales, answered the phone and took the orders then did all the deliveries.  That lasted for about 2 months.  The company grew at an alarming rate and allowed Kathy to be a full time part of the company in just 6 months.  We added more and more drivers and then needed a full time dispatcher.  That's when Bobby Marvin joined the team.  Together the business continued to grow.  

Over the years we have transported medical, title, advertising, banking work along with truck and heavy equipment parts.  From and envelope to 10,000 lbs we can deliver it.

Our success is due to hard work, great customers who refer us to their customers and a dispatch and driving team that go the extra mile on every job. It is never 

"Just a Package" to STAT Express Delivery

We continue to be successful in servicing our customers today and welcome the opportunity to be your "Go To" package delivery service.